Sensors & Circles by Andy Shipsides (AbelCine)

At AbelCine, one of the most common questions our techs get these days is about lens coverage with different cameras. It’s no wonder that we get these inquiries, as there’s an endless stream of new cameras coming out, all of which have different sensor sizes and specs. We frequently get questions like this: "Does my 16mm lens cover the Blackmagic Cinema Camera sensor?" or "Does my lens cover 6K on the RED DRAGON camera?" These are both great questions, which we can generally answer with a simple yes or no. But they bring up some really interesting points that all modern cinematographers need to understand when choosing a lens, camera and recording format. So this column is all about lenses, image circles, sensor sizes and resolutions. The best place to start is with the lens "image circle" and exactly what that means.


When we talk about a lens, we often describe it by the film format or sensor size that it’s designed to work with. Super 35mm lenses are designed to work with Super 35mm film or sensors that are around the same size; Super 16mm lenses are designed to work with Super 16mm film or similar sensors, etc. This can be confusing in itself, as we talk about lens focal length in millimeters, as well. You can have a 35mm (focal length) Super 16mm lens, for instance, and a 16mm (focal length) Super 35mm lens.

When we describe a lens as being designed for Super35 or 16mm film, we’re actually talking about the image circle of a lens. Lenses are designed to project a circular image onto a sensor or film plane. The size of the projected image circle is based on the design of a lens. An average "Super 35mm" lens has an image circle diameter of around 32mm to 35mm, while an average "Super 16mm" lens has an image circle diameter of around 15mm to 18mm. Lenses designed for smaller formats, usually in video cameras, are often referred to in inches. A 2/3-inch-type lens has an image circle of around 11mm, and a 1/2-inch lens image circle is around 8mm.

In the graphic above, you see Super35, Super16, 2/3-inch and 1/2-inch image circles on top of each other. This photo was taken on a 50mm (focal length) lens. If it were a Super 35-type lens, we would get the outside image; if it were Super16, we would get the image outlined for that and so on. The focal length of the lens is exactly the same; we just get more of the image with the larger image circle. Focal length is unrelated to image circle, which is a big point of confusion for many of us. A 100mm lens has the same focal length, regardless of its lens type; the difference is just how big of an image circle it projects.

Sensor Overlays



So hopefully you understand the image circle concept. Now let’s discuss how it plays together with sensor (or film) size. Super 35mm film is standardized at 24.9×18.7mm (31.1 diagonal), but our modern digital sensors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From the large full-frame 35mm sensors found in many DSLRs to the small 1/2.5-inch sensors found in many POV cameras, sensor sizes vary a lot. Below is a graphic with a variety of camera sensors overlaid in relative size. As you can see, each sensor is a bit different.

Zeiss CP.2 Under Sensor Overlays

We say a lens "covers" a sensor when its image circle produces an image over the full sensor size. So how do we determine if a lens’ image projection will "cover" a specific sensor? Just overlay the two. Look at the graphic of the image circle of a Zeiss CP.2 prime lens (right), which produces an image circle of 43mm (diagonally), completely covering every sensor size from full-frame 35mm down to 1/3-inch sensors.

From the diagram, you can see that a Zeiss CP.2 will work with a huge variety of sensors. But what about a Super 16mm lens with a 15mm image circle?

In the graphic below, the Super 16mm lens doesn’t cover anything larger than the "Super16"-sensor type. That makes sense, of course, but notice what happens to all the larger sensors; they vignette. This is exactly what you would see if you put a Super 16mm lens on a camera like the ARRI ALEXA or Sony F55, which both have sensors around the size of Super 35mm film.
Super 16mm Under Sensor Overlays



Okay, so lens coverage isn’t all that complicated when you compare sensor sizes to a lens image circle. But many modern cameras offer a variety of aspect ratios and resolution modes, which allow the camera to record different areas of its sensor. Cameras that have this option are effectively altering their sensor size. The RED DRAGON is a great example of a camera that has these modes.

In this graphic (below, right), I’ve overlaid a standard Super 35mm lens image circle over a DRAGON sensor. The lines over the sensor indicate different recording areas and aspect ratios. As you can see, the area outside the 6K image isn’t covered by the lens, but the inside areas are all covered just fine. So this lens doesn’t cover the 6K resolution area on the RED DRAGON.

This brings up another question: What does resolution have to do with lens coverage, anyway? The answer: Nothing. The 6K resolution area of the DRAGON is physically 30.7×15.8mm (34.5 diagonal) in dimension, meaning that each photosite on the sensor is around 4.9um (0.0049mm) in size. A different sensor type could have larger or smaller photosites in the same area, producing lower or higher resolutions.

The lines over the sensor indicate different recording areas and aspect ratios. The area outside the 6K image isn’t covered by a Super 35mm lens.



Let’s go back to our original questions: "Does my 16mm lens cover the Blackmagic Cinema Camera sensor?" and "Does my lens cover 6K on the RED DRAGON camera?" Super 16mm lenses don’t cover the Blackmagic Cinema Camera sensor, as the image circle of Super16 glass is 15mm, and the BMCC sensor has a diagonal area of 18.4mm. As for the RED DRAGON at 6K, the answer depends on the lens image circle. Having a 6K resolution has nothing to do with lens coverage, but it does describe a large area of the sensor. Lenses like the Zeiss CP.2 primes and CPZ.2 zooms are designed to cover the larger full-frame-sensor cameras, so we know they will work. Other Super 35mm lenses generally won’t cover that image area, but the only way to know for sure is to test them. AbelCine’s technical blog and other online resources are available that list various image circles, so visit our site to learn more.

Andy Shipsides is a N.Y.-based Camera Technology Specialist and Manager of AbelCine’s Training Department. To learn more about AbelCine’s Understanding HD Series, you can visit their website at

Duclos Image circle database

2013 Duclos image circle

Fields of View by Abel Cine

Link to Abel Cine Field of View Calculator - click here

Lenses / Field of view

A 50mm is a 50mm is a 50mm, is often said to explain the differences in formats versus focal lenghts . But what does it mean?
Of course it says: Any focal length is just that length no matter what you do with it.
Why does a 50mm on a 16mm/2K camera looks closer on a 35mm/4K camera?
The answer is simple, you just use a smaller area of the image. Since the image projected on the film plane/sensor is the same for a given focal length, the smaller image area only uses the centre part of it. In order to get the same shot, you will have to step back or closer with the camera or use a wider / longer lens.

Focal lengths & Formats by Film and Digital times

Link to the article:

Focal lengths & Formats by Film and Digital times in PDF

Data sensor and Film size comparison

Brand Model               Sensor Size (mm)  Image Circle (mm)


Arri    LF                    36.7 x 25.54          44.7 (Open gate)

Arri    Alexa               23.8 x 13.4            27.3

Red W Monstro 8K      40.96 x 21.6           46.3

Red    Dragon            30.7 x 15.8             34.5

Red    Epic MX            27.7 x 14.6             31.4

Red    One M              24.4 x 13.7             29.7

Canon C100/300/500 -24.5 x 13.8            28.2

Canon 5D/1DC           36 x 20.3                41.3

Canon 7D                   22.3 x 12.5            26.8

Sony Venice                24 × 36                 43.7

Sony F65/F3 -

FS100/ FS700             23.6 x 13.3             27.1

Sony F55 / F5             22.6 x 12.7             25.9

Black Magic (HD)        15.8 x 8.9               18.1

Digital Micro 4/3          17.3 x 13               21.64

Film S16mm               12.52 x 7.41          14.55

Film 35mm (acad)       22 x 16                 27.2

Film S35mm 3 Perf      24.9 x 13.9           28.5

Film S35mm 4 Perf      24.9 x 18.66         31.12

Film Vista Vision          37.72 x 24.92       45.2

Film 65mm 5 Perf        52.51 x 23.07       57.35

Film 70mm IMAX 15-p 70.41 x 56.62       90.35

2014 Camera comparison chart by Fletcher


2012 Camera comparison chart by Fletcher

Camera comparison chart - Click to open PDF

Zoom lens comparison chart by Fletcher

Zoom lens comparison - Click for PDF to open

What is Anamorphic?

Contrary to popular belief "Anamorphic" is not a shooting aspect ratio, but a technique to record an image.
The traditional Anamorphic technique makes it possible to use the maximum of the film/sensor area when shooting a 1:2.35 frame. For this you need to crop (morph) the image x2 from the sides when you use a 4:3 / 1:1.33 image area.
This is academy format in 4-perf 35mm for example.
When using a 16:9 / 1:1.78 image area, it makes more sense to use the so-called 1.3 anamorphic lenses.
These lenses crop not x2, but x1.3 times.
Netto result is the same, you can use the maximum available image area and have a 1:2.35 frame in the end.
Since the end result is a 1:2.35 frame, people like to refer to this as "Anamorphic".
One of the trademarks of this technique is the depth of field, or better the lack of it.
Needless to say that the focuspuller will have a very hard time here.
To make the technique possible you will need longer lenses (2x) then when you would use with spheric (normal) lenses. This results in very little depth of field. A shooting T-stop of 5.6 is no luxury in this format.

Optical Axis

The optical axis has not much to do with the lens/camera very often. Only in case of static objects the lens/camera decides where the axis to a given object is. As soon as an object is moving that object often determines where the axis will go.
When shooting with actors, imagine that the talent in frame has a 3meter/10foot stick attached to their nose. Wherever the stick points is the optical axis.
I saw film students making tracks with the camera in order to get to the other side of the axis. Often a little change in staging, or even a different eye line does the trick.

Lens mounts and flange focal distances

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Lens mount and flange focal distance

35mm / 4K prime lens specifications

Arri Variprimes                  T-Stop       Min.focus    Weigth-lbs    Front dia   Iris blades

16-30 Zeiss                        T2.2          2ft                9.75
29-60 Zeiss                        T2.2          2ft                9.14
55-105 Zeiss                      T2.2         2ft 9in          12.25

35mm T2 Zeiss Standards   T-Stop      Min.focus     Weigth-lbs    Front dia   Iris blades

10mm (Mk1)                      T2.1            7in              1.5             
10mm                                T2.1           14in              7
12mm (Mk1)                      T2.1            7in              1.5          
12mm                                T2.1           10in             2.5
14mm (Mk1)                       T2              2ft              3.5
14mm                                T2              9in              3.5
16mm                                T2.1           10in            1.25           
20mm                                T2.1            8in              1.5
24mm                                T2.1          1ft 2in          1.25          
28mm                                T2.1           11in            2.25
32mm                                T2.1            2ft               1
40mm                                T2.1          1ft 4in           1
50mm                                T2.1          1ft 6in          1.25
85mm                                T2.1            3ft             1.5
100mm                              T2.1          3ft 4in          1.75
135mm                              T2.1            5ft             2.25
180mm                               T3              5ft              2.5

Leica Thalia                        T-Stop     Min.focus     Weigth-lbs    Front dia   Iris blades

24mm                                  T3.6        1ft 4in            tbd           95mm          15
30mm                                  T2.9        1ft 8in            3.3           95mm          15
35mm                                  T2.6       1ft 10in           3.1           95mm          15
45mm                                  T2.9        1ft 8in            3.2           95mm          15
55mm                                  T2.8        2ft 4in            tbd           95mm          15
70mm                                  T2.6        1ft 8in            2.3           95mm          15
100mm                                T2.2        2ft 4in            2.5           95mm          15
120mm                                T2.6        1ft 10in          tbd           95mm          15
180mm                                T3.6           5ft               3.6           95mm          15

Leica Summilux-C               T-Stop     Min.focus     Weigth-lbs    Front dia   Iris blades

16mm                                  T2.8        1ft 2in            3.7            95mm
18mm                                  T1.4        1ft 2in            3.7            95mm
21mm                                  T1.4          1ft               3.5            95mm
25mm                                  T1.4          1ft               3.5            95mm
29mm                                  T1.4        1ft 6in            3.7            95mm
35mm                                  T1.4        1ft 2in            3.6            95mm
40mm                                  T1.4        1ft 4in            3.6            95mm
50mm                                  T1.4        1ft 8in            3.7            95mm
65mm                                  T1.4        1ft 5in            3.7            95mm
75mm                                  T1.4        2ft 3in            3.6            95mm
100mm                                T1.4        2ft 11in          3.5            95mm
135mm                                T1.4         4ft 1in           7.4            95mm

Leica Summicron-C              T-Stop     Min.focus     Weigth-lbs    Front dia   Iris blades

15mm                                  T2             1ft               4.1            95mm
18mm                                  T2             1ft               2.9            95mm
21mm                                  T2             1ft               2.9            95mm
25mm                                  T2             1ft               3.4            95mm
29mm                                  T2             1ft                3             95mm
35mm                                  T2          1ft 2in            2.9            95mm
40mm                                  T2          1ft 6in             3              95mm
50mm                                  T2             2ft              3.2            95mm
75mm                                  T2          2ft 7in            2.7            95mm
100mm                                T2          3ft 3in            2.7            95mm
135mm                                T2             5ft              4.1            95mm

Zeiss Ultraprimes               T-Stop      Min.focus    Weigth-lbs    Front dia   Iris blades

8mmR                                 T2.8         1ft 2in          4.4
10mm                                 T2.1         1ft 2in          6.4
12mm                                  T2            1ft              4.4
14mm                                 T1.9          9in               4
16mm                                 T1.9         10in             2.6
20mm                                 T1.9         11in             2.6
24mm                                 T1.9          1ft              2.2
28mm                                 T1.9         11in             2.2
32mm                                 T1.9        1ft 2in           2.4
40mm                                 T1.9        1ft 3in           2.2
50mm                                 T1.9          2ft             2.25
65mm                                 T1.9        2ft3in            2.4
85mm                                 T1.9          3ft             2.75
100mm                               T1.9        3ft 3in           2.6
135mm                               T1.9          5ft              3.5
180mm                               T1.9       8ft 6in            5.7

Zeiss Masterprimes             T-Stop    Min.focus    Weigth-lbs    Front dia   Iris blades

12mm                                 T1.3        16in             6.4
14mm                                 T1.3        14in             5.3
16mm                                 T1.3        14in             4.8
18mm                                 T1.3        14in             4.8
21mm                                 T1.3        14in             5.3
25mm                                 T1.3        14in             5.1
27mm                                 T1.3        14in             4.8
32mm                                 T1.3        14in             5.1
35mm                                 T1.3        14in             4.8
40mm                                 T1.3        16in             5.1
50mm                                 T1.3        20in             5.9
65mm                                 T1.3      2ft 3in            5.7
75mm                                 T1.3      2ft 9in            6.2
100mm                               T1.3      3ft 6in            6.4
135mm                               T1.3      3ft 3in            6.2
150mm                               T1.3      4ft 11in          8.8

Zeiss 35mm Mk3 Supersp.   T-Stop    Min.focus    Weigth-lbs    Front dia   Iris blades

18mm                                  T1.3        10in            2.5
25mm                                  T1.3        10in              2
35mm                                  T1.3      1ft 2in          1.75
50mm                                  T1.3      2ft 4in          1.75
65mm                                  T1.3       28in            2.25
85mm                                  T1.3        3ft               2

Cooke Speed Pancro (orig.)T-Stop    Min.focus     Weigth-lbs    Front dia   Iris blades

18mm                                  T2.3         8in           1.25
25mm                                  T2.3         9in           1.25
32mm                                  T2.3        14in          1.25
40mm                                  T2.3         9in           1.5
50mm                                  T2.3        18in          1.75
75mm                                  T2.3        20in            2
100mm                                T2.8         2ft            2.5

Cooke S4 Primes                  T-Stop    Min.focus   Weigth-lbs    Front dia   Iris blades

12mm                                    T2           9in             6.5              156           8
14mm                                    T2           9in             4.8              110           8
16mm                                    T2           9in             5.4              110           8
18mm                                    T2           9in             3.9              110           8
21mm                                    T2           9in             4.4              110           8
25mm                                    T2           9in             3.5              110           8
27mm                                    T2          10in            3.6              110           8
32mm                                    T2          12in             4                110           8
40mm                                    T2          16in            4.5              110           8
50mm                                    T2          20in            3.3              110           8
65mm                                    T2          27in            3.6              110           8
75mm                                    T2        2ft 6in           3.9              110           8
100mm                                  T2           3ft              4.5             110           8
135mm                                  T2        2ft 6in           5.25            110           8
150mm                                  T2        3ft 6in           7.7              125           8
180mm                                 T2.8      6ft 1in           10.4            136           8
300mm                                 T2.8        7ft              10.4            136

Cooke S5 Primes                  T-Stop    Min.focus   Weigth-lbs    Covers   Iris blades

18mm                                   T1.4          14in            6.7       S35 30mm    
25mm                                   T1.4          14in            6.6       S35 30mm
32mm                                   T1.4          14in            6.2       S35 30mm
40mm                                   T1.4          16in            6.1       S35 30mm
50mm                                   T1.4          20in            7.1       S35 30mm
65mm                                   T1.4          2ft              6.8        S35 30mm
75mm                                   T1.4         2ft 3in          6.6        S35 30mm
100mm                                 T1.4         2ft 5in          6.4        S35 30mm
135mm                                 T1.4         2ft 6in          11.3      S35 30mm

Cooke S7 Primes                  T-Stop    Min.focus   Weigth-lbs    Front dia   Iris blades  Covers

18mm                                    T2          16in            7.7           110mm           9        46.31mm
25mm                                    T2          14in            7.3           110mm           9
32mm                                    T2          14in            7.5           110mm           9
40mm                                    T2          18in            7.7           110mm           9
50mm                                    T2        1ft 7in           7.5           110mm           9
75mm                                    T2        1ft 6in           6.6           110mm           9
100mm                                  T2        2ft 5in           7.3           110mm           9
135mm                                  T2        3ft 3in           8.2           110mm           9

Cooke miniS4 (Panchro)   T-Stop   Min.focus     Weigth-lbs    Front dia   Iris blades

18mm                               T2.8        10in            3.9
25mm                               T2.8        10in            3.5
32mm                               T2.8        12in             4
50mm                               T2.8        20in            3.3
65mm                               T2.8                               
75mm                               T2.8       2ft 6in          3.9
100mm                             T2.8          3ft            4.5
135mm                             T2.8       3ft 3in          4.5

Panavision Primo 70          T-Stop    Min.focus   Weigth-lbs    Front dia   Iris blades    Name

27mm                                 T2          1ft 2in                                                             4P27
35mm                                 T2          1ft 2in                                                              4P35
40mm                                 T2          1ft 2in                                                              4P40
50mm                                 T2          1ft 4in                                                              4P50
65mm                                 T2          1ft 8in                                                              4P65
80mm                                 T2             2ft                                                                 4P80
100mm                               T2           2ft 6in                                                            4P100
125mm                               T2             3ft                                                               4P125
150mm                               T2             4ft                                                                4P150
200mm                              T2.8           4ft                                                                4P200
250mm                              T2.8           4ft                                                                4P250

Arri Prime 65                     T-Stop    Min.focus   Weigth-lbs    Front dia   Iris blades   

24mm                                T4.8        1ft 3in                                                            
28mm                                 T4           10in                                                            
35mm                                T3.5        1ft 8in                                                           
50mm                                T3.5           2ft                                                             
80mm                                T2.8         2ft 6in                                                        
100mm                              T2.2         2ft 11in                                                      
150mm                              T3.2         4ft 3in                                                      
300mm                              T4.5           8ft                                                           

Schneider Cine Xenar III     T-Stop   Min.focus   Weigth-lbs    Front dia   Iris blades

18mm                                    T2.2         11in           4.5
25mm                                    T2.2         11in           4.1
35mm                      &nbs

35mm / 4K zoom lens format specifications

35mm zoom lenses                 T-Stop          Min.focus         Weigth lbs         Notes

14-70 Cooke                            T3.1            2ft 4in                16
14-35 ZK Fujinon LWZ              T2.9              2ft                   6,4
14.5-60 Canon                         T2.6            2ft 4in
14.5-45 Fujinon Premier            T2              2ft 4in                14
15-40 Angenieux Optimo          T2.6              2ft                   4.2
15-42 Cooke S4i CXX                 T2             1ft 6in                 8
15.5-45 Arri Fujinon/Alura         T2.8              2ft                   4.9
15.5-45 Zeiss LWZ-2                T2.6            1ft 6in                4.4
15.5-47 Canon                         T2.8            1ft 8in               4.8
16-42 Optimo DP Rouge           T2.8              2ft                   4.2
16.5-110 Zeiss Masterzoom      T2.8             2ft3in               26.4        17.4'' / 443 mm length
17-35 Century Compact Zoom   T3             
17-50 Red zoom                      T2.9             2ft 2in               3.2
17-80 Angenieux Optimo          T2.2              2ft
17-102 Angenieux                    T2.9             2ft 6in               19
17-120 Canon CN                   T3/T4            2ft 8in                 5
18-80 Arri/Fujinon Alura           T2.6             2ft 4in              10.5
18-85 Red zoom                      T2.9             2ft 2in                10
18-85 Fujinon premier              T2               2ft 7in
18.5-55.5 Techno-Cooke           T2.4            2ft 4in                 8
18-90 Cooke                            T2.8            2ft 7in               12.5
18-100 Cooke                          T3               2ft 4in               13.75
19-90 Fujinon Cabrio                T2.9            2ft 10in               5                 6lbs with servo
19.5-94 Angenieux Optimo       T2.6             2ft 5in              12.3
20-60 Cooke                            T3.1              2ft
20-100 Cooke                          T3.1            2ft 4in               11.5
20-120 Fujinon XK 6x               T3.5            3ft 6in                 5
24-180 Fujinon premier            T2.6            4ft 1in               19,6
24-290 Angenieux Optimo        T2.8              4ft                    24               17.5 in length
25-250 Cooke MKII                  T4               5ft 6in               11.5
25-250 Cooke MKIII                 T3.7            5ft 6in                18
25-250 Techno-Cooke               T2.5            7ft 6in                22
25-250 Angenieux HP               T3.7            6ft 10
25-250 Angenieux HR               T3.5            5ft 7in               10.5
25-625 Angenieux                     T8              4ft 4in               13.5
28-70 Century Compact Zoom   T3                3ft                   3.25
28-76 Angenieux Optimo           T2.6             2ft                   4.2
28-80 Compactzoom CZ2          T2.9            2ft 8in               5.5
28-340 Angenieux Optimo         T3.2            4ft 5in              24.4
30-80 Optimo DP Rouge            T2.8              2ft                  4.2
30-105 Canon                          T2.8              2ft                   4.8
30-300 Canon                          T2.9              5ft
45-250 Arri/Fujinon Alura          T2.6             4ft                   16.5
45-120 Angenieux Optimo         T2.8           3ft 1in                4.3
75-400 Fujinon Premier             T2.8           6ft 9in                20         T3.8 when longer then 270mm
70-200 Compactzoom CZ2        T2.9              5ft                   6.2
80-200 TLS/Nikon                     T2.8              5ft                    5
85-300 ZK Fujinon LWZ             T2.9             4ft                   6.6       T3.8 when longer then 210mm
150-600 Canon                         T5.6            10ft                  13              Two 40.5 filters rear
150-450 Hawk                          T2.8            10ft                  38

Anamorphic lens specifications

Arriscope                                  T-Stop          Min.focus          Weigth           Notes

40mm                                        T2.3              
50mm                                        T2.3              
75mm                                        T2.3              
100mm                                      T2.3              
135mm                                      T2.3              

Kowa Anamorphic                     T-Stop          Min.focus          Weigth           Notes

40mm                                        T2.3             
50mm                                        T2.3              
75mm                                        T2.8              
100mm                                      T3.4   

Ultra Panavision 70 Anamorphic   T-Stop          Min.focus          Weigth        Name

35mm                                        T2.8                2ft                                  AP35
40mm                                        T2.8              2ft 6in                               AP40
50mm                                        T2.8                 2ft                                 AP50
65mm - 1                                    T2               1ft 10in                             AP65-1
65mm - 2                                    T2                1ft 7in                              AP65-2
75mm - 1                                    T2                  3ft                                 AP75-1
75mm - 2                                   T2.8                2ft                                 AP75-2
100mm                                      T2.8              3ft 6in                              AP100
135mm                                      T2.8              5ft 3in                              AP135
180mm                                      T2.8                5ft                                  AP180
290mm                                       T4                  9ft                                  AP290
400mm                                       T6                  8ft                                  AP400

Hawk V-Plus Anamorphic            T-Stop          Min.focus          Weigth           Notes

35mm                                        T2.2              2ft 6in              11.7
40mm                                        T2.2              2ft 6in              12.1
50mm                                        T2.2                 2ft                 8.1
65mm                                        T2.2              1ft 2in               9.5
75mm                                        T2.2                 2ft                 9.5
85mm                                        T2.2                 2ft                 9.7
100mm                                        T3               3ft 3in              12.3
120mm                                      T3.5              1ft 5in              12.3
135mm                                        T3               3ft 3in              11.9
150mm                                      T3.5              3ft 3in              11.7

Hawk V-Lite Anamorphic            T-Stop          Min.focus          Weigth           Notes

28mm                                        T2.2              2ft 7in                4.6
35mm                                        T2.2              3ft 3in                6.4
45mm                                        T2.2              3ft 3in                4.2
55mm                                        T2.2              3ft 3in                4.4
65mm                                        T2.2              3ft 3in                4.4
80mm                                        T2.2              3ft 3in                 5
110mm                                        T3               3ft 3in                5.7
140mm                                      T3.5              3ft 3in                5.9

CineOvision Anamorphic            T-Stop          Min.focus          Weigth           Notes

40mm                                        T2.3              
50mm                                        T2.3              
75mm                                        T2.3             
100mm                                      T2.3              

16mm format lens specifications

16mm zoom lenses                 T-Stop          Min.focus         Weigth         S16 /N16                          
6.6-60 Canon                          T2.7                                                          S16
7-81 Angenieux                       T2.4                                                          S16        After 50mm T3
7-63 Canon                             T2.6                                                          S16
8-64 Canon                             T2.4                                                          S16
9-50 Cooke
10-100 Zeiss  
10.3-216 Canon                        
10.4-52 Cooke                          T2.8                                                         S16
10.6-180mm Canon                   T2.7                                                         S16                      
11-110 Zeiss                             T2.2                                                         S16
11.5-138 Canon                        T2.5  
11.5-138 Angenieux HR             T2.3    
11-165 Canon                           T2.5
12-120 Zeiss/Optex
14.5-480 Canon / Optex              T3 

Lens database Motion picture lenses by Richard Bradbury

Arri Filmcamera comparison chart

Aaton XTR camera serials build

XTR 1986 - 1992 #1300 - #1785
Top speed is 54 fps.
Uses magnetic drive.
Super 16
Option L - Lightmeter
Option R - Beamsplitter for VR30 tube tap.
Option T - AatonCode.

X0plus 1992 - 1994 #1785 - #1900
Top speed is 60 fps (Bi-Phase Motor).
Uses magnetic drive.
Super 16.
Screw-in 15mm front rods.
Upgradeable to XTRplus.
Option R - Capacity for integrated CCD tap.

XTRplus 1992 - 1994 #1785 - #1900
Top speed is 60 fps (Bi-Phase Motor).
Magnetic Drive.
Super 16.
Screw-in 15mm rods.
Option L - Lightmeter.
Option R-Dir - Video Assist.
Option T - AatonCode.
Side Display.
Low Power Tri-phase Motor / Electronics

X0plus 1994 - 1996 #1900 - above
Top Speed 75fps
Magnetic Drive
Screw-in 15mm Rods
Low Power Tri-phase Motor / Electronics
Designed to be upgraded to XTRplus

XTRplus 1994 - 1996 #1900 - above
Top Speed 75 fps.
Magnetic Drive.
Super 16.
Screw-in 15mm rods.
Option L - Lightmeter.
Option R-Dir - Video Assist.
Option T - AatonCode.
Side Display.
Low Power Tri-phase Motor / Electronics

XTRprod 1994 - 1996 #1900 - above
Top Speed 75 fps.
Magnetic Drive.
Super 16.
Screw-in 15mm rods.
Option L - Lightmeter.
Option R-Dir - Video Assist.
Option T - AatonCode.
Illuminated Side Display
Low Power Tri-phase Motor / Electronics
Multi-position Shutter
Removable, swapable fibrescreen.
Aatonite Illuminated Viewing.
Built-in Speed Control in .001 increments.

Film camera Manuals


Aaton Penelope
Aaton Extera - 16mm
Aaton XTR Prod - 16mm
Aaton LTR - 16mm
Aaton Minima - 16mm
Aaton viewing screens (ground glasses)
Arri Groundglasses
Arri 235
Arricam LT and ST
Arri 435ES
Arri IVS 435
Arri 535B
Arri IVS 535/SR3
Arri 416
Arri BL - 16mm
Arri SR3 - 16mm
Beaulieu R16 - 16mm
Eclair ACL 1
Eclair ACL 2
Moviecam Compact
Moviecam SL
Mitchell Fries 35R 1
Mitchell Fries 35R 3
Panavision Millenium
Krasnogorsk K3

Cooke zoom lenses history

 From the Cooke Optics website:

Cooke Varotal Zoom lens   1971

Lens designer Gordon H. Cook designed the 35mm Cooke 20-100mm, T3.1 Varotal zoom lens, released in 1971. It was the first high quality zoom designed for professional motion picture photography that incorporated a totally new design concept that has remained the basis for all Cooke zoom lenses subsequently produced. It was produced through the late 1980s.

The lens was made with a sealed front focus unit and fixed front element that eliminated the risk of dirt and moisture being drawn into the lens and allowed for easy fitting of matte boxes and filter holders onto the front. The lens was enhanced with anti-reflective wide-band Varomag high performance coatings. This advanced technology achieved new standards in shadowed area definition, light transmission and durability, in addition to giving ghost and flare-free characteristics.

Gordon H. Cook received the 1988 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Gordon E. Sawyer Award for this and other technological advancements during his career as an optical designer.

In the 1980s, Cooke introduced Super 16mm and 35mm zoom lenses in different focal ranges:

Cooke Varokinetal (CVK) 9-50mm
The 16mm version of the Cooke 10.4-52mm lens, this lens was introduced in 1975.

Cooke Super Cine Varotal 25-250mm
With an aperture of f/2.8, it was ideal for special effects and was used to shoot the original Superman film in 1978, the year it was introduced.

Cooke Super 16 Varokinetal 10.4-52mm
This lens was first used by American cinematographer Curtis Clarke to film "The Draughtsman’s Contract," the first technically and commercially successful Super 16 feature to be made. The CVP offered advancements in filming under difficult lighting conditions in 16mm and Super 16mm formats. It began production in 1983. The Cooke 20-60mm was the 35mm equivalent to this lens.

Cooke Varopanchro, 20-60mm, T3.1 
Epitomised 35mm zoom lens design, with an optical performance comparable to the finest prime lenses. Introduced in 1981.

Cooke Varopanchro (CVP) 10-30mm, T1.6
The CVP offered advancements in filming under difficult lighting conditions in 16mm and Super 16mm formats. It began production in 1983. The Cooke 20-60mm was the 35mm equivalent to this lens.

Cooke Cine Varotal 25-250mm, Mark II, T3.9
Introduced in 1983.

Cooke Wide Angle Varotal, 14-70mm, T3.1
During the development stage in the mid-1980s, valuable input was received from various customers, which prompted the company to incorporate an innovative curved front cover glass, and a noise isolator. This lens was unique in the zoom series because it included a wide angle aspheric. It was launched in 1986.

In 1988 Cooke lens designer, Gordon H. Cook, received The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Gordon E. Sawyer Award "in recognition of technological contributions that brought credit to the film industry." It was the first time this Oscar category was awarded to someone outside the United States and is the highest accolade bestowed on an individual by the Academy for technical contributions to the film industry.

Gordon Cook designed cine and television lenses during the 1960s; most notably zooms that would meet the exacting requirements of the most discriminating cinematographer.

Feature films produced in the 1980s using Cooke lenses include Superman II, Star Wars, Ghandi, and Apocalypse Now.

Cooke Varotal 18-100mm
Design was initiated at the beginning of 1987 and the lens was exhibited for the first time at Photokina in 1988. It included refinements indicated by intensive market research into operator requirements.

Cooke Cinetal 25-250mm, Mark III, T3.7
Introduced in 1992.

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