Eelcons Flash Image control system

The EELCON shadow control system

The EELCON is a compact and lightweight solution in creative image shadow control. Increase the shadow detail of your image with colour but without the introduction of noise by using Burning Eye’s next generation on-set flashing solution.

Illuminated Filter Stage

Our system is based on an illuminated filter stage equipped with a special manufactured EELCON filter by Tiffen. The stage is compatible with existing ARRI LMB Clamp Adapters, which makes the EELCON ideal for handheld, gimbal and Steadicam applications. You can place additional 4x4 or 4x5,65” size filters in front of the EELCON by placing a clamp-on LMB 4x5 module (or single filter stage) on to the illuminated filter stage. 


The Tiffen EELCON filter is illuminated by precision adjustable film grade RGBWW LEDs. The high colour rendering CRI 95+ white lights are colour temperature adjustable from 2700 to 6500 Kelvin. Combined with the (wide gamut) colour elements there is a lot of creative pre-flash freedom at your disposal. The EELCON is flicker free, which makes the system suitable for high-speed camera work.

EELCON LED Control Box

Altering the flash level on the system requires an EELCON LED Control Box. The manual interface has 6 turn knobs, one for each colour and a master control. For more advanced lighting effects there is the possibility to use the 10 channels addressable DMX-input, which accepts DMX512 control commands.

Wikipedia on Image Flashing:


·       High Colour Rendering Index CRI 95+   
·       Correlated Colour Temperature adjustable from 2700 to 6500K
·       Manual RGBWW control
·       DMX 5-PIN XLR input
·       All 10 LED-Groups are individual addressable via DMX-input
·       Full Range Manual and DMX dimming
·       Flicker free
·       Input Voltage 9-18V DC via REAN RT4MP 4-Pin Mini XLR
·       12W power

What’s included :

1 x EELCON Illuminated filter stage
1 x Tiffen EELCON Filter
1 x EELCON LED Control Box
1 x D-Tap to (REAN RT4MP) 4-Pin Mini XLR Power Cable
1 x Lemo to Lemo Filter Stage Control Cable

Eelcons Flash Image control system Eelcons Flash Image control system Eelcons Flash Image control system