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TrueND 2.4 available now.

1 x True ND 4 x 5.65 = 540 euro each.
Set of 7 x TrueND 4 x 5.65 = 3690 euro. (0.3 to 2.1)
(Panavision size)

1 x True ND 6.6 x 6.6 = 725 euro each.
Set of 7 x TrueND 6.6 x 6.6 = 5000 euro. (0.3 to 2.1)

Prices in euro may change anytime, due to fluctuation between EUR - USD
Each filter comes in a filter pouch

Filters are shipped FOB from Netherlands, shipping with your own courier or at extra cost.

Accurate Transmittance and True Neutrality

TrueND is the Neutral Density filter solution of the Digital Cinema Camera era.
This metallic alloy film coated clear glass filters, made under strict quality control, offer you accurate transmittance, true neutral image free from infrared contamination (up to 750nm).

When we talk about neutral we mean equal transmittance troughout the visible spectrum (reaching from 380nm up to 750nm).
The graph underneath illustrates the relation between transmittance and (visible) wavelengths from three TrueND filters.
If the line accros the graph starts rising from 650nm and up, it means that the filter is transmitting more (near) infrared wavelengths which will result into color shifting in the red direction. When the line rises in a specific area, such as between 450 and 500nm the filter would pass through more blue colour than other colours, resulting in a colour shift in the blue direction in the recorded image.

In other words, filters that colour shift do not have straight line of transmission throughout the visible spectrum. As you can see, TrueND simply stands for how ND filters are supposed to be.

These filters work very well in combination with all types of camera's from the different manufacturers. This makes them ideal rental items since you do not need multiple IR filter solutions on the shelf and no need to make white balance presets in camera.

About cleaning TrueND filters:

TrueND's process of manufacture uses evaporation coating on the both side of the glass so you may get worried about "uneven spots" on the filter surface.
The products of other companies have the same "uneven spots" when cleaning but less visible.

True ND Filters can be cleaned the same way as other manufacturers filters.
Clean the filter very carefully, we recommend you to use highly-volatile and less residue product on the evaporation surface.

We usually use liquid substance below:
- Acetone (acetone)
- Mixture of ethanol and methanol    50:50
- Purified water (aqua purificata)

Again, TrueND has evaporation coating on the both side so cleaning require a little care compare to other brands. Clients clean the TrueND themselves.

Mitomo official test film on Youtube

How to clean TrueND filters

Comparison test TrueND with Non IRND on Sony F55 camera


Comparison test TrueND with Non IRND on Arri Alexa camera


Comparison test TrueND with Non IRND on RED Epic camera



Buy Mitomo TrueND filters on stock in Europe - EU Buy Mitomo TrueND filters on stock in Europe - EU